Call for Submissions

It's time to pick up your pens! Always Comix needs the tales of how you met your best friend, worst enemy, partner in crime, your dog, your friends mom, your mailman. Got a story about meeting your best comic buddy, do a Jam Comic!

Contributors will receive one complimentary copy of How We Met, access to additional issues at cost, free publication of their work alongside other excellent cartoonists and a coast to coast audience.

* grayscale
* 5x8
* JPEG, 350 dpi, 1500px across
* all work must be titled (we strongly suggest a title other than the issue theme)

* email files with title in the subject line
* label files first initial, last initial, underscore, page number (as in js_01.jpg, js_02.jpg, etc)
* jam comix encouraged!

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