Richmond Zine Fest

*flyer by the stunning Pat Aulisio


Small Press Festival

Saturday July 18th ~ Sunday July 19th
Regina Miller Gallery
5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA


Small Press, Big Impact?* (followed by Karen Lillis' presentation on the smallpresspittsburgh wiki)
Panelists: Adam Atkinson (Open Thread), Hattie Fletcher (Creative Nonfiction), Savannah Guz (author), Karen Lillis (LDP Distro, smallpresspittsburgh, Words Like Kudzu, author), and Scott Silsbe (The New Yinzer)

Starting a Small Press or Literary Organization
Panelists: Adam Atkinson (Open Thread), Kris Collins (The New Yinzer), Sue Rumbaugh (The Diner Divas), and Edward Simon (Thirty First Bird Review and Press)

Publication Design 101
Panelists: Scott Andrew (Open Thread), Stephen Knezovich (Creative Nonfiction), Deanna Mulye (LPPACS, BatCat Press), and a representative from Encyclopedia Destructica

4pm - 6pm
Bookmaking Workshop
Led by Deanna Mulye and her Bookbinding students from LPPACS


Tri-State Chapbook Reading and Signing
The winners of Open Thread and Encyclopedia Destructica's Tri-State Chapbook Contest read from their chapbooks, launched at the expo: "Cloud Shaped Room" by Matt Anserello (WV), "Life as a Crossword Puzzle" by Noah Falck (OH), and "Aleph in the Cellar" by Colin C. Post

Art & Small Press
Panelists: Scott Andrew (Open Thread), Curt Gettman (Unicorn Mountain), Julia Stein (Juliacks), and a representative from Encyclopedia Destructica

Women in Publishing
Panelists: Nikki Allen (poet), Margaret Bashaar and Laura Davis (Weave Magazine), and Mary Biddinger (Barn Owl Review)

Weave Magazine Writing Workshop
During this workshop we will discuss poetry and flash fiction (under 1000 words). Participants are asked to bring at least 5 copies of their work for feedback from Weave editors and other workshop participants. If you have never been to a workshop before, we will review our workshop format and flow, as well as etiquette. This is a great way to meet other writers in Pittsburgh and get meaningful feedback in a safe setting.


Coming in August...

Volume 6 ~ How We Met

Featuring new work from:
Brad McGinty
Chris Johnson
Chuck McBuck
David Mack
Geoff Vasile
Henry Eudy
Jesse Harold
Joe Decie
Josh Frees
Justin Decarlo
John Frizelle
Katie Skelly
L. Nichols
Lew Death
Liz Suburbia
Marcolm Tatum
Matt Albrecht
Matt Wiegle
Melissa Mendes
Mike Tudor
Morgan Pielli
Nils Balls
Pat Aulisio
Patrick Dean
Sara Fin
Shawn Cheng
TD Ward
and yours truly,
the AC editors



Sally is tabling while I am typing. FIND HER and bring flowers, or comix.


As if you didn't get enough of us.

Girls Don't Make Passes at Boys with Moustaches
By Sally Bloodbath
Includes FREEBIRD! and other unreleased treats.
Orange cardstock with hot pink insert
2 color silkscreened by Fire Escape Press
32 pages :: 8.5 x 5.5

Peaches Gets Pinched
By Erin Colby Griffin
A comic about monster teeth.
32 pages :: 4.25 x 5.5
Gold cardstock, ivory text pages, die-cut wallpaper insert
4 color, hand painted cover
handbound with telephone wire

Always Comix Back Issues!

Here till they're gone



We made it!


Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Come point at us!


Deadline Extention for HOW WE MET

Entries Due no later than 11:59pm on June 1st, 2009

-350+ JPG
-no page minimum or maximum

Send to alwayscomix@gmail.com
Use submission title* in the subject line
Consider doing a Jam with your Partner in Crime

*We highly suggest titling your submissions a name other than the issue's theme.


Athens, GA

Check out a coupla of our comics in Fluke's
2009 anthology. Picture stolen from their site :)

The Evil was the belle of the ball, even Tim O'Shea thinks so.

Big thanks to Dead Dog for being gracious hosts and letting us stay up all night at their place of rest.


Release Party for the Evil Issue

Please join us in celebrating the release of our 5th volume of Always Comix, The Evil Issue.

8pm Saturday, March 28th
Padlock Gallery
1409 Ellsworth St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146


Call for Submissions

It's time to pick up your pens! Always Comix needs the tales of how you met your best friend, worst enemy, partner in crime, your dog, your friends mom, your mailman. Got a story about meeting your best comic buddy, do a Jam Comic!

Contributors will receive one complimentary copy of How We Met, access to additional issues at cost, free publication of their work alongside other excellent cartoonists and a coast to coast audience.

* grayscale
* 5x8
* JPEG, 350 dpi, 1500px across
* all work must be titled (we strongly suggest a title other than the issue theme)

* email files with title in the subject line
* label files first initial, last initial, underscore, page number (as in js_01.jpg, js_02.jpg, etc)
* jam comix encouraged!