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The Starlight Ballroom
460 North 9th Street (Just Below 9th & Spring Garden)
Philadelphia, PA
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Activity Issue

Mazes, mad libs and much more!
With Comix by:
Falynn Koch
Jeremy Tinder
Will Kirkby
Josh Blair
Colin Tedford
Matt Wiegle
Alvaro Lopez
Colleen MacIsaac
Amanda Kirk
L. Nichols
Ed Moorman
Box Brown
Alisa Harris
Josh P.M.
Joe Decie
and Yours Truly
Now Available by emailing us alwayscomix@gmail.com

Age 8

Tender Moments with:
Chris Johnson
Josh Blair
Robert Forrest
Jamie Baldwin
Dominic Van Horne
Dan Wyke
Elizabeth Caldwell
Ben Costa
Jay Marcy
Kiril Tchangov
Madeline Flores
Colleen Frakes
and yours truly

Write and receive! alwayscomix@gmail.com


Thank You Contributors

For all your submissions. See you soon!

SPX, Bethesda MD :: Saturday, October 4th
Philly Zine Fest, Phila PA :: Sunday, October 5th



Sarah Louise Wahrhaftig offers up...

Nothing Lasts Forever
Jammed packed with everything Sally!
44 pgs :: 5 .5 x 8.5 in

I Am Often Mistaken for Miles Davis
Tender moments, brutal kidnappings, and funny costumes
are all part of this thoughtful collection.

25 pgs :: 5.5 x 8.5 in

But you don't have to take my word for it...
Reviewed by The Daily Cross Hatch

Mini's can be purchased at the retail locations on the right or by emailing us.


Call for submissions

Send Submissions to alwayscomix@gmail.com


Here is a list of the lovely places where you can buy our comix:

Copacetic Comic Company Pittsburgh, PA
Sparkplug Comic Books Portland, OR
Rock Paper Scissors Collective Oakland, CA
PXS distro Tallahassee, FL

You can also email us and we would be happy to ship!


Mini Offerings from Erin Griffin

Cavities #1

Comix include : Toofers, So I Sez and a collection of How To's.
Die-cut tooth and heart, hand stitched and bound. 28 pgs :: 7.5 x 4.5

Cavities Sampler
Comix include: The Hat, Labor and How to Comix.
Hand Colored Cover, hand bound with wire. 24 pgs :: 8.5 x5.5

Tea Samplers

Recycled mini minis! 5 different comix: Brush, Ellas Toofer Tattoo, Moon Booties, How to Homefries, and How to Stick & Poke.

one page comix packaged in tea sleeves. 1pg :: 1 x 1.5

Tales from a Tart
The relationship issue, not for the faint of heart.
Die cut wallpaper cover, hand bound with wire. 68 pgs :: 2 x 2.75

Local Fruits & Herbs of Oakland

Focused on the area around Lake Merritt, this mini guide helps you eat for free!
Map and indentifing booklets to edible plants in Oakland, CA. Package of 3 :: 2 x 2.75



Sally's new mini " I Am Often Mistaken for Miles Davis" was reviewed on The Daily Cross Hatch

Too bad she sold out at Heroes, so you will have to wait to get cher own. Production may be accelerated by sending love letters to
kyle , who does her covers.


Heroes Con

Sally and I went down to NC for the Heroes Convention. We couldn't believe our luck. Great artists eager to trade with us, long conversations with comic legends (the writers, not the guys dressed up like the characters) and all the fresh ink we could huff. HA!

I wish I could post our haul of books, but alas I have not the cord to my camera nor a scanner to upload doodles of said books :( note to Sally: Please pick up my slack.

Other highlights included: couch surfing with an extremely trusting gentleman, West Virgina's impressive Mexican Food and a jam session in the Hilton.

The dark sides were: Spidey charging kids $1 a picture, Shakespeare performed by the business casual troupe, missing our chance to visit the KW kitchen where David Sedaris used to work, and paying $24 for the privilege of sleeping on rocks in a trailer park.