Mini Offerings from Erin Griffin

Cavities #1

Comix include : Toofers, So I Sez and a collection of How To's.
Die-cut tooth and heart, hand stitched and bound. 28 pgs :: 7.5 x 4.5

Cavities Sampler
Comix include: The Hat, Labor and How to Comix.
Hand Colored Cover, hand bound with wire. 24 pgs :: 8.5 x5.5

Tea Samplers

Recycled mini minis! 5 different comix: Brush, Ellas Toofer Tattoo, Moon Booties, How to Homefries, and How to Stick & Poke.

one page comix packaged in tea sleeves. 1pg :: 1 x 1.5

Tales from a Tart
The relationship issue, not for the faint of heart.
Die cut wallpaper cover, hand bound with wire. 68 pgs :: 2 x 2.75

Local Fruits & Herbs of Oakland

Focused on the area around Lake Merritt, this mini guide helps you eat for free!
Map and indentifing booklets to edible plants in Oakland, CA. Package of 3 :: 2 x 2.75

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