Heroes Con

Sally and I went down to NC for the Heroes Convention. We couldn't believe our luck. Great artists eager to trade with us, long conversations with comic legends (the writers, not the guys dressed up like the characters) and all the fresh ink we could huff. HA!

I wish I could post our haul of books, but alas I have not the cord to my camera nor a scanner to upload doodles of said books :( note to Sally: Please pick up my slack.

Other highlights included: couch surfing with an extremely trusting gentleman, West Virgina's impressive Mexican Food and a jam session in the Hilton.

The dark sides were: Spidey charging kids $1 a picture, Shakespeare performed by the business casual troupe, missing our chance to visit the KW kitchen where David Sedaris used to work, and paying $24 for the privilege of sleeping on rocks in a trailer park.

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