Coming in August...

Volume 6 ~ How We Met

Featuring new work from:
Brad McGinty
Chris Johnson
Chuck McBuck
David Mack
Geoff Vasile
Henry Eudy
Jesse Harold
Joe Decie
Josh Frees
Justin Decarlo
John Frizelle
Katie Skelly
L. Nichols
Lew Death
Liz Suburbia
Marcolm Tatum
Matt Albrecht
Matt Wiegle
Melissa Mendes
Mike Tudor
Morgan Pielli
Nils Balls
Pat Aulisio
Patrick Dean
Sara Fin
Shawn Cheng
TD Ward
and yours truly,
the AC editors


Spaceman Spliff said...

Wow, you guys got some good people here! I'm really impressed with Chuch McBuck's stuff lately and Brad McGinty and Matt Weigle are especially cool beans. Thanks for making such an awesome anthology, I'll be looking forward to it!

Cavities Comix said...

Thanks to you for reading!

The Jenya said...

And Jen Vaughn! *cough*

I'm excited. :)